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Grandquest Labradors

1)    Q. How long have you been breeding Labradors?.
After looking back in my records, our first litter was born in, how fast time goes by!!
 2)    Q. How did the kennel name come about? 
We wanted to use part of our last name "Granda" and incorporate it into our kennel name, with some
help from friends, Grandquest was selected.  We almost were "LaBox", as our daughter, Janice was
just starting to show in juniors, and had a passion for boxers!!  To Janice who at that time was 6 years
old labs were just too plain....and we bought her a show boxer for JS....hence Lab.....Box.....Labox.  
Boy, am I glad we didn't go that route!
 3)    Q. What Labrador activities are you active in?
We are members of several Labrador Breed Clubs.  I am the Vice President of our local all breed dog
club Suwannee Valley Kennel Club.  2003/4 I am the Show Chairman for this our all breed dog show. 
I have been instructing conformation classes, as well as junior showmanship since 1991.  I have put
on and judged many conformation matches.
4)    Q. How many Champions have you had?
If I haven't left anybody out, I come up with
 26 Champions.  Out of that 14 are bred by dogs. (and bitches!!)
5)    Q. Which has been your bred-by top dog?
This will be difficult to have to pick "one" top dog.  We would have to start by saying the daughter of
Ch. Lindenhall's Grandquest Rebel.  Rebel had a great influence in the Labrador World.  He was
mentioned in the book written by Carol Coode, called  "The Labrador Retriever Today".  He was ranked
for 3 consecutive years as one of the top 5 Labradors in the USA.  But, what I think was his greatest
accomplishment was the production of his two most famous daughters.  Ch. Grandquest Sweet
Fantasia and Ch. Grandquest Tattle Tales.  Both girls finished before the age of two, and Tattles went
on to become the number 2 Labrador Bitch in the USA.  Tattles, now holds an amazing record. 
She has acquired several Best In Shows, and in 1999 was  the number one Labrador in all breed
history at the Asian Dog Shows.
 6)    Q. How many litters do you breed? 
This truly depends upon how much time we will be away from home attending shows and specialties. 
I would say over all the years on an average 4 litters per year.  However, recently we have retired several
of our foundation girls and are now bringing up youngsters.  So, our kennel seems to be a bunch of teenagers right now.
 7)    Q. Do you aspire to judge at some point in time?
I have judged several matches, mostly Labradors and JS, and have enjoyed it greatly. 
I have thought about it, and have most of my qualifications completed.  At the moment
I would say not in the very near future.  But definitely sometime over the next upcoming years.
8)    Q. How do you stand on the breed standard revisions made in the last 10 years?
That is an issue that many of us breeders were left with a very bad taste in our
 mouths.  An issue that is not discussed much any more as it has become a mute point.  I was very
 disappointed with the AKC and the National Club for taking such drastic measures without making any
 efforts in contacting those that it would effect the most......"LABRADOR BREEDERS"!!
 9)  Q. Do you own stud dog?.
Yes, we do.  We have a very influential stud dog, English Import Ch. Lindall A' Bit of the Action "Bru".  
Bru has sired some of the most lovely Labradors that I have ever seen.  I am proud to say that several
well respected breeders have used Bru (sometimes several times) to make a great addition to their
already outstanding mark in Labrador history.  We also have our newest stud dog, Ch. Litter River Ophir's Calvin.
 We expect some great things from Calvin too.
 10) Q. How many other titled dogs have you bred?
We have several dogs that we have breed that are working in the capacity of service dogs,
(wheelchair assistance) we have 3 dogs in the Islands that are working as drug detection,
and not by us but have had several of our dogs receive their field and obedience titles.
 11) Q.  Do you do clearances (eyes, hips, elbows, etc.) on your breeding stock?
Yes, all of our breeding dogs and bitches have their breeding clearances or certifications prior to breeding.
 12) Do you offer guarantees on your puppies and do you sell your puppies on Unlimited or Limited Registration?.
We do offer a guarantee with all of our puppies in writing, and sell our puppies with Limited Registrations,
we do offer other terms and conditions for those that would be interested in showing.
 13)  Where are you located? 
Our farm is located in North Florida, however we since downsized our breeding program and have moved to South Florida, Treasure Coast area.