Pedigree: Grandquest Sand Castle

Grandquest Labradors

Puppy Owners Testimonials

Beautiful candid puppy pictures from near and far, with heart felt written testimonials, from those who have declared their immeasurable value, for the puppy of their dreams!

 "He's an absolutely awesome little guy. Everywhere we go, we get comments such as "he's beautiful", "he's one of the prettiest labs I've ever seen", "what a great looking dog"....and on and on. It happens on every walk. We walk him three times a day and that keeps him pretty calm. All in all, we feel very grateful to have found you and now we have the privilege of raising such a beautiful animal." Wayne and Claudia Snider

 "We have raised and shown labs for over 20 years and if we wanted to find a better lab then we got from GrandQuest  it isn't on this planet." Janice and Mitchell Werksman

"Magnum is now over a year old and absolutely gorgeous. He is everything I have ever wanted in a labrador retriever. Since then, I have also purchased a female lab from Jose and Michelle. Michelle and I keep in touchand give each other frequent updates. They have been so helpful and an absolute pleasure to get to know and dobusiness with." Susan E. Rainey, Mobile, AL

"I am the proud owner of Grandquests Dixieland Delight. Dixie came to live with us in December of 1998, She is now 5 months old. She is on the way to becoming a great retriever. Having shown and hunted Labs in the past I knew what I was looking for. I found it at Grandquest. I don't want this to sound like a commercial....but if you are looking for a Lab that looks, and acts, like a Lab should, you owe yourself a trip to Grandquest. Thanks for being true to the breed Michelle." Rick Phelps

"After much agonizing as to what kind of dog to purchase for our 5 year old son, we settled on a labrador retriever. And lucky for us our vet knew and recommended Grandquest Labradors. Lo and behold, Winston has become the best addition to our family since our son, Lucky, came into our lives. Michelle picked the perfect dog for us... a gentle giant! " Winston & Lucky

"We love our Grandquest Labrador! Our dog, Baci, is not only beautiful, but has the sweetest disposition. She loves people and is great with kids. She was easy to train and is very smart, but also very playful and lots of fun. We wouldn't trade our dog for anything! " Molly & Charlie Petry

"Winston and Baylee are model Labradors. We adopted Winston when he was 18 months old. He was a joy to train and quickly became a member of our family. When we decided to add another Labrador to our home, there was no question where we would look. Baylee is now 14 weeks old and absolutely gorgeous. She and Winston constantly receive compliments on their behavior, beauty, and brains. We only wish we had room for more!" Ben and Penny Hawk Delray Beach, FL

" This is Kelly at 10 weeks old. On the day this picture was made she had just been taken from her littermates, gone for a three hour car ride and had her first experience in our lake! As you can see, she still has the poise and self-confidence to be by herself and look you straight in the eye. What more can you ask for? " Tom and Sharyn Shore

" This is a picture of our wonderful Milo on the day we picked him up at the airport. After traveling over four hours to get here, he was bright and happy. We've had him for a week now and I can truly say he is the best and smartest dog I have ever had and has the most loving and even temperament. My ten year old son and he are already the best of friends. Thanks Michelle! "


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